Non-profit SCORE’s goal is to help you make the profit

This week Palm Beach SCORE's own Bob Naples was Featured on in an article by Palm Beach Post staff writer Antonio Fins titled "Non-profit SCORE’s goal is to help you make the profit". Give it a read below.

Startup and Company | Digital Marketing

Startup and Company | — Get Your Business Online. Rank Higher in Search.

Startup and Co. offers the best of SEO, Marketing and Design in a Boutique style shop. Our campaigns are data-driven, analytics-accountable, crazy [like-a-fox] effective and built to last. Designed to stir-up action using the best of Relationship & SEO-Marketing strategy + conversion-conscious design rolled into one big ball of awesome …add a little Google juice, and, viola! Beautifully designed, SEO-friendly websites that are easy-on-the-eyes, get more clicks and convert more sales.

Surviving and Thriving as a Small Business in the Internet Era (Presented By Google & SCORE)

Most small business owners know that getting online is important, but don't know where to even start. This workshop is a crash course on what it means to get online and create the digital storefront that allows your business to thrive.

Treasure Valley SCORE Mentor Skills Inventory

Click the button above to download a spreadsheet which gives summary descriptions of the expertises of each of our mentors.

Is a Custom Website Right for Me?

Find out everything you need to know about building a custom website for your business, such as what you might pay, what you should look for in an agency or service, and what the design process looks like.